New Digital Collection: Historical Works in Homeopathy


The UCSF Library is pleased to present a digital copy of a unique edition of Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon der Heilkunst (Organon of the Medical Art), which established the field of homeopathy. The 5th edition of the Organon, published in 1833, was the last revision published in Hahnemann’s lifetime.

The UCSF Library holds Samuel Hahnemann’s own copy of the 5th edition, containing his handwritten notes and revisions for the 6th edition. The digital copy is presented in a flip-book format, allowing users to page through the volume and virtually “unfold” Hahnemann’s notes.

The Organon will be the cornerstone of an online collection of significant works in the history of homeopathy. This homeopathy collection currently includes a manuscript copy of Hahnemann’s text and revisions, used by Dr. Richard Haehl as the basis for the published 6th edition. Additional materials will be added in the future.

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