Faculty of 1000


Supports and informs the work of life scientists and clinicians


Includes or is also known as: F1000, F1000 Prime, F1000 Research, F1000 Posters, F1000 Journal Clubs, F1000 Trials, Naturally Selected Blog


  • F1000Prime - top articles in biology and medicine selected and rated by expert scientists and clinicians. (UCSF subscription)
  • F1000Journal Clubs - tool within F1000Prime to help create, organize, and manage journal clubs. (UCSF subscription)
  • F1000Research
    - an open access journal offering immediate publication, inclusion of data, post publication peer review, and open refereering.
  • F1000Prime Reports - an open access journal on emerging themes in biology and medicine.
  • F1000Trials - clinical trial-related articles highlighted by F1000 experts. (Free for a limited time)
  • F1000Posters - an open access respository for posters and slide presentations in biology and medicine.
  • Naturally Selected - F1000 training and promotional materials, and highlights of published research.