Data Management

Why is it important to my work?

Data management is the process of controlling the information generated during a research project. Any research will require some level of data management, and funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are increasingly requiring grant recipients to plan and execute good data management practices.


Data Sharing Policies

  • The NIH data sharing policy applies to any applicant seeking $500,000 or more in direct costs in any year of the proposed research.

UCSF Tools


Need to write a data management plan for a grant application? Use the Data Management Plan Tool to create, save, and manage your plans. Log in with your MyAccess ID when prompted.

  • walks you through funding agencies' data management plan templates providing guidance, suggested answers, and additional resources for each question
  • supports several data management plans, including those for the NIH and the NSF

UCSF DataShare

DataShare addresses the growing need for data sharing tools and services at UCSF and beyond. A collaboration between the UCSF Library, UCSF Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and the California Digital Library (CDL), it allows UCSF researchers to:

  • Upload, describe, and share data
  • Discover, download, and reuse data
  • Comply with a funder’s or publisher’s data sharing policy
  • Participate in the growing open science movement

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