Use F1000 Journal Clubs to Share and Discuss Research Papers

F1000 Journal Club

F1000 Journal Clubs is a new tool within the F1000 Prime database that helps scientists create, organize, and share results from journal clubs, where individuals meet to discuss selected research papers. F1000 Journal Clubs aims to facilitate collaboration between departments and labs and to provide an opportunity to promote scholarly activity through public clubs.

After logging in to Journal Clubs, the organizer has several options to create and manage the club.

Set-up features:

  • Set individual or recurring meetings and presenter for each meeting.
  • Automatically create a shortlist of articles in your field, or build your own.
  • Allow club members to vote on articles in the shortlist, or choose an article before inviting members.
  • Set meetings to public or private. Public meetings expose article citations, club affiliation, reports, and comments.

File-sharing features:

  • Upload the published article and supplementary audio, video, and notes files.
  • Automatically extract figures from the article as a Powerpoint file.
  • Upload a presentation file, which can easily be created and modified using the Figure Extractor.
  • Add supplementary articles.

Reporting features:

  • Add a report directly in the software, or upload report and/or video recording.
  • Club members can add comments in real time.

This new resource is available to UCSF via the Library’s subscription to F1000 Prime. F1000Prime identifies and recommends important articles in biology and medical research publications. Articles are selected by over 5,000 experts from around the world who rate the articles and explain their importance.

Interesting in starting your own journal club? Learn more about this tool, download promotional posters, and let us know what you think!

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