OpenHelix Bioinformatics Tutorials Available for 30 Day Trial

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Learn to use bioinformatics and genomics tools at your own pace with OpenHelix!

Through May 5th, the entire catalog of bioinformatics tutorials from OpenHelix is available to UCSF. OpenHelix provides a bioinformatics and genomics search and training portal, giving researchers one place to find and learn how to use resources and databases on the web. There are over 100 tutorials on web-based bioinformatics and genomics resources including BLAST, Cytoscape, DAVID, dbGaP, Ensembl, Galaxy, GEO, and STRING. View a full list.

These narrated tutorials run about 60 minutes and can be viewed end-to-end, or by navigating to specific chapters. They're great for novice users, as they explain the functionality needed to start using various bioinformatics resources effectively. They're also useful for more experienced users who want to stay abreast of new features.

For questions and to submit feedback about OpenHelix, please contact Megan Laurance.

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