Open Access Publishing Vouchers Available for RSC Journals

Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

UCSF scholars can publish open access articles at no cost in Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) journals during RSC’s 2013 Gold for Gold program. RSC launched this program to help researchers who want to publish their articles open access (OA), but lack funds to pay the OA article processing charge (APC). The Gold for Gold initiative provides all RSC Gold subscribers with voucher codes to make papers available via OA, free of charge. The UC Libraries subscribe to RSC’s Gold package, thanks to negotiations by the California Digital Library.

The UCSF Library has a set number of RSC voucher codes and will assign them on a first-come, first-served basis. Voucher codes can be used to publish a communication, full paper, review, or technical note in an RSC journal under the publisher’s Gold OA option. Authors provide the code upon acceptance of their article in an RSC journal. For details, see "What is the process for authors under this initiative?" on this FAQ.

To request a voucher code, send an email to the Library, including correspondence from RSC documenting acceptance of the article and showing the name of the author(s), journal title, and article title. Each requestor is eligible for a single voucher in 2013. The Gold for Gold program runs through December 31, 2013.

Curious about OA publication discounts with other publishers, or about the Library’s Open Access Publication Fund? See the Scholarly Publication website.

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