Multimedia Ebooks: Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences

The UCSF Library now has access to the Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences: Collection One, a collection of over 50 lectures covering five series: Integrated Systems Physiology, Developmental Biology, Cell Biology of Medicine, the Developing Brain, and Biotechnology. Each lecture, 50-100 pages long and written by a prominent scholar in the field, synthesizes an important research or development topic in the life sciences.

Each lecture is in PDF Plus format, which features embedded videos, graphics, images, and links to full-text articles from other sources. Take advantage of these useful features, and check out the Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences!

Image: Sarah Y. Yuan and Robert R. Rigor, Regulation of Endothelial Barrier Function, Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences, 2011.

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