Faculty Respond to Library Budget Letter

On July 1, the Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication and the University Librarian distributed a letter to the campus community quantifying the effects of the ongoing budget cuts on the Library.

Faculty were asked to send comments and suggestions about the effect of the cuts on their work. To date, nearly 30 faculty have responded.

The majority of comments rate digital journals as a very high priority. One noted that any cutback in this area "has the potential to greatly impede the faculty's abilities to prepare scholarly research applications and to place research findings within the context of scientific knowledge." Others noted the lack of access to a few key journals in their field. A few mentioned the high value of books to their research.

While a few have commented on the limited need for physical space, others place high value on space for both education and research.

There are also a few comments about the ongoing need to consult with expert librarians in person and the growing importance to invest in knowledge acquisition skills -- requiring both librarians who are experts in knowledge acquisition strategies and systems that take advantage of advances in computation.

Please take a moment to read the letter and comments about the State of the Library Budget. Comments are still welcome.

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