DataShare: Open Data for the Global Research Community

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DataShare is a new web-based product that aims to address the growing need for data sharing tools and services at UCSF and beyond. A collaboration between the UCSF Library, CTSI, and the California Digital Library, DataShare fosters a culture of open science, reduces barriers to data sharing, encourages good practice, and enables investigators to publish any type of research data in a way that supports discoverability, citation, and long-term access.

DataShare allows UCSF researchers to:

  • Upload, describe, and share data
  • Discover, download, and reuse data
  • Comply with a funder’s or publisher’s data sharing policy
  • Participate in the growing open science movement 

Why should scientists make their research available in a public repository?

  • It helps confirm original results, generate new hypotheses, develop new analysis techniques, test software tools, and train the next generation of researchers.
  • It supports more efficient use of funding by avoiding duplicate data collection. 
  • It discourages fraud and facilitates collaboration.
  • It generates additional citations through data reuse (see Piwowar et al, PeerJ, and Data Citation Index).
  • It feeds into altmetrics tools that measure the impact of research output (e.g. Impact Story). 

Learn more at If you are UCSF researcher with data ready to share, please contact Megan Laurance to get started.

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