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Biotechnology Archives

Biotechnology Archives

The Biotechnology Archives document the leadership of scientists and corporations in the Bay Area in the development and growth of biotechnology.

UCSF has played and continues to play a prominent research and development role in the field of biotechnology. UCSF scientists have been at the forefront of the field, and their research has had a tremendous impact on science and medicine, resulting in the birth of a vigorous biotechnology industry. UCSF faculty have founded major companies, such as Genentech and Chiron, and trained substantial numbers of scientists currently employed in the industry. The combined efforts of researchers in universities and in industry have achieved many biological milestones, such as the scientists affiliated with UCSF and Genentech who first engineered bacteria to produce human insulin and those researchers from UCSF, Genentech and ChironĀ  working on biotechnology based vaccines to combat the AIDS virus. Biotechnology's influences are felt on the economy, environment, and social welfare of the San Francisco region, as well as nationally and internationally. It is crucial that this impact be documented and preserved.

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For further reading see Principles of Biotechnology, written by David F. Betsch, Ph.D., Biotechnology Training Programs, Inc. and edited by Glenda D. Webber, Iowa State University Office of Biotechnology.