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Archives Fee Schedule


The Library charges fees to non-University of California clientele for use of Archives and Special Collections. As described below, individuals engaged in academic research and collection donors are exempt from use fees. All users, regardless of affiliation, must pay a per-copy charge to cover the costs of photocopies, photography, and scanning.

Service Fees

Research request, fee per hour By mail, telephone, fax, or email (First 15 minutes free; charges assessed by the quarter hour) $38.00
Reading room use, fee per hour (Charges assessed by the quarter hour and are charged per person)$38.00

Special Service Fees

Photocopying, transaction fee per request (does not include separate charge of cost per copy)$38.00
Photocopying, per page$.37/page
Scanning, cost per item scanned$10.00
Use of Personal Camera in the Reading Room$10.00
Cost for preparation of request$38.00 for non-UC users
In-house camera shoots, fee per hour. Does not include preparation of fee request or image reproduction charge$100.00

Permission to Publish Text (Quotations)

Thesis or dissertationno fee
University presses, not-for-profit publishersno fee
Commercial publishers, broadcasters, and commercially financed usersnegotiable

Permission to Use Image(s) of Items Held by Archives

Thesis or dissertationno charge
University presses, not-for-profit publishers$26.00/image
Commercial publishers, broadcasters, and commercially financed users$75.00/image