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Primary Clientele Policy

Primary Clientele Policy

The Library of the University of California, San Francisco was established to support the educational, research and patient care needs of the faculty, students and staff of the UCSF campuses. Reciprocal services are offered to other UC faculty, staff and students to strengthen the concept of one university. Secondarily, library collections and services are extended to students and faculty from other California schools, and to local, regional and international scientific communities to supplement local resources. Finally, the library serves as a resource for the citizens of California and individuals from the general and scientific communities who choose to use the collection and facility.

All library users have access to a limited set of basic services. The Primary Clientele Policy grants the library's primary users priority in access to library services and resources, particularly during periods of heavy use. Primary users are defined as the faculty, students, housestaff, postdoctoral scholars and staff of the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of California. Primary users will have access to services and resources not available to other categories. Due to demand and funding sources, some services will be restricted to the University of California, San Francisco.

Purchase of cards or payment of fees will not grant access to restricted services or a higher priority of service.

Adopted: April 7, 1993