Research & Travel Policies

LAUC Research & Travel Policies

1. LAUC Research & Professional Development funds are distributed to each campus LAUC unit to promote the professional growth and development of librarians. LAUC-SF librarians can use the funds to support:.

  • Local research projects;
  • Travel to and attendance at professional meetings, workshops, seminars, and other events directly related to library work;
  • Materials for posters and other presentations by LAUC members

After the start of the fiscal year, the University Librarian (UL) informs the local representative to the Research & Professional Development Committee (R&PD) how much the state has allocated along with the names of those eligible to use the funds. At the next meeting, LAUC-SF members determine the fund allocation.

2. Each year the funds shall be allocated as follows:

  • Five-hundred dollars ($500) is designated to support local research projects; (see section 3)
  • Discretionary funds for sponsoring workshops, bringing in speakers and the like shall be set aside. Typically $1,000 is set aside, however this amount may vary depending on the total amount of funds allocated in any year;
  • The remaining funds shall be divided evenly between LAUC members in the Librarian series. Open positions should be included in this total, assuming that the position may be filled during the fiscal year. Two exceptions apply:
    • Librarians with 50% or less permanent appointments are eligible for 50% of the amount allotted to a full time appointee
    • Temporary appointees are not eligible to receive funds until they have worked a minimum of six months

The R&PD representative follows up with the UL and MSO with a detailed breakdown of funds to be allocated to research, discretionary, and individuals.

3. LAUC-SF members may apply for the research funds by filling out a "Research Grants for Librarians Program Cover Sheet" and a "Supplemental Budget Information" form.  Applications shall be reviewed and approved by the divisional Research & Professional Development Committee member and two other LAUC-SF members. Both forms and additional research funds are available through the state-wide LAUC research grants program .

4. Librarians may spend their individual allocations as they see fit for the purposes articulated in section 1 and according to the UCSF Library Travel/Meeting Attendance Policy (Wiki@UCSF). To use these funds, Librarians need to fill out the Travel/Meeting Request Form (Wiki@UCSF) , enter the amount to be charged to LAUC, and get their manager's signature before routing to Library Administration for processing. It is up to each LAUC-SF member to track his or her own development expenditures, however the MSO may provide a record of incurred expenses upon request.

5. Approved travel and professional development expenses must be incurred in the current fiscal year, but not later than the date specified by the MSO. LAUC members should consult with their manager to confirm the cut-off date for submitting travel request and travel reimbursement forms. Reimbursement requests coming in after the cut-off date may be taken out of the following year's research and professional development funds.

6. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted to the Library Administration for approval on the standard "University of California Travel Expense Voucher" form with appropriate receipts attached. Original receipts are required for reimbursement.

7. Librarians who have incurred all of their LAUC and Library development funds for the fiscal year and need more development funds for approved activities may apply for additional LAUC funds by sending e-mail to the R&PD representative by the scheduled April meeting. At that meeting, the members shall determine if any unused research, discretionary, and/or individual funds should be either:

(a) re-allocated to support requests by individuals for additional funds; or
(b) re-distributed evenly amongst the members, without reviewing individual requests

If option (a) is selected the R&PD rep will call a special meeting with the Executive Board to review and approve individual requests. If option (b) is decided, the R&PD rep will notify the UL and MSO by e-mail how much in additional funds each member gets.

8. Each year the MSO or UL will request that any unused funds be carried over into the next fiscal year.

9. The Local Research and Professional Development Committee shall propose to the division modifications in the LAUC-SF Research and Professional Policy, whenever it thinks such modification is warranted. Likewise, any member of the division may propose modification of the policy.

Revised July 22, 2005