Self-Evaluation Guidelines

Self-Evaluation Guidelines

I. Purpose and Description

A Self-Evaluation shall be prepared by each candidate. It is an opportunity to provide written input into the review process.

Its intent is to provide each candidate with an opportunity to identify individual career goals and to assess accomplishments, achievements and potential in relation to these goals. The periodic preparation of the Self-Evaluation should help the Candidate assess the direction which his/her career is taking. The Review Initiator is understanding of the Candidate is personal career goals and professional activities should help the supervisor in discussing potential career paths with the Candidate. The statement provides an opportunity for librarians to identify the skills which they want to develop, to focus on skills for active participation in the profession, and to assess continually their leadership skills.

The Candidate's role is to communicate accomplishments and achievement as she/he sees them. It is especially important that the Candidate give careful consideration to activities that take place outside the work done directly for her/his Review Initiator since the Review Initiator may not be in a position to comment on the level of activity or on the areas covered by the Activities Summary: library service, professional activity, teaching, continuing education, university and public service and publications, research and creative activity. Not all activities listed in the Activities Summary need be discussed in the Self-Evaluation but this document can serve to explicate the Activities Summary and to explain the significance of items listed there as well as to provide any other similar information which does not fit the Activities Summary format.

If there are areas of the Candidate is primary responsibilities which the Review Initiator does not address in the evaluation, or areas to which the Candidate would like to add, the rejoinder section of the review process is the appropriate place in which to respond.

II. Format and Submittal

State clearly in the beginning of the statement the period which the statement covers. For a merit increase this will be the period since the last review; give the dates. For a promotion review the Self-Evaluation will cover the librarian's entire career, but the emphasis will be on accomplishments during the last review period.