Documentation and Signature Checklist


(To be completed by Review Initiator)

I. Required for All Review Files

1. Academic Personnel RecommendationHuman Resources Coordinator
2. Candidate is Certification StatementHuman Resources Coordinator
3. Evaluation/Recommendation StatementReview Initiator
4. Statement of ResponsibilitiesCandidate
5. Activities SummaryCandidate
6. Self-EvaluationCandidate
7. Curriculum vitae (if first UCSF review)Candidate
8. Reprints, copies of publicationsCandidate

II. Additional Items Required for Promotion, Accelerated Merits, and Advancement to Librarian, Step V

1. Sample copy of letter requesting confidential assessment of performanceHuman Resources Coordinator
2. Confidential LettersReview Initiator
3. Curriculum vitaeCandidate

III. Optional Documentation

1. List of names suggested by candidate for confidential letters of recommendation (APM 360-80-e)Candidate
2. List of names candidate wishes to exclude from the evaluation (APM-360-80-f)Candidate
3. Request for redaction of confidential letters during review process (APM-360-80-g)Candidate
4. Response to redaction of confidential letters (APM-360-80-g)Candidate
5. Candidate is rejoinder to Evaluation/Recommendation StatementCandidate
6. Request for deferral (APM 360-80-a2)Candidate
7. Miscellaneous supporting documentation (e.g., reports, non-confidential letters, etc.)Candidate