Peer Review Documents

LAUC Peer Review Documents

Guidelines for Peer Review

  • Checklist. To help the Candidate prepare for review.
  • FAQ. Provides explanations of each component required for review.
  • Activities Summary. The Activities Summary provides a history of the academic and professional career of each UCSF Librarian. It will be consulted by authorized library administrators and peer review committee members in merit reviews, promotion reviews, and in the development of the evaluation/recommendation statements. This document should list professional activities the librarian has been involved in during the review period for
  1. Professional competence and quality of service within the library
  2. Professional activity outside the library
  3. University and public service
  4. Research and other creative activity.
  • Statement of Responsibilities. This document is intended to describe the Candidate's general area of responsibility and reporting structure within the context of the unit and the Library.
  • Self-Evaluation. The Candidate's written input to the review process.

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