LAUC Minutes

Disclaimer: Since the purpose of minutes is to record a particular moment in time, some links may no longer be available.

2014 Minutes

July 28 Meeting

Present: Polina, Sarah, David, Anneliese, Michele, Min-Lin

David volunteered to serve on the Diversity Committee

  • Diversity Committee is heading the LAUC website redesign to profile diverse members

Updating the LAUC-SF wiki

  • move files from L Drive to wiki so that they are all in one place- Sarah will do
  • move peer review info from website to wiki?
  • add professional development info to wiki- Peggy will do

Brown Bag sessions

  • since the Updates meetings are doing something similar, no need for LAUC-SF to also hold sessions

Professional development funds

  • need to ask Jim for this year's info
  • separate poster printing funds not really needed since LAUC provides funds for that 
  • keep funds in general pool to go towards special events and posters


  • need to figure out how to work with external reviewers
  • general reminder for members to update or fill out their CV in Advance- it's a long, time consuming process
  • webinars and tutorials are available
  • HR is helpful and responsive

What is happening at Fresno?

Next meeting

  • Whit will be Chair, Sarah will be Chair Elect
  • secretary needs to be decided


May 14 Meeting

Present: Polina, Whit, Sarah, David, Anneliese, Michele (phone)

LAUC Assembly review

Idea for marketing group for library

  • inspired by LAUC Assembly presentation
  • Polina, Whit, and Gail all currently a part of group
  • is this a place for new faculty outreach?

Librarians not being included in staff engagement survey

  • are we being included in similar surveys that are distributed to academics?

Karen talking to HR about merit promotions- they are currently not being forwarded to CAPA, but this should be resolved by the end of the week

Extra funding was given to those who asked

  • Need to get amount for next fiscal year from Peggy

LAUC executive call review


March 3 Meeting

Present: Polina, Whit, Peggy, Sarah, David, Anneliese

Call for proposals for LAUC meeting

  • Polina, Peggy, and Whit planning to go

Ideas for UCSF regarding the Berkeley budget report

  • fundraising compaign
  • development office only raised $5k for library last year, library not a priority
  • chancellor discretionary fund?
  • percentage from grants go to library?
  • UCB got $1M from deans. We only get funds from Med Center, not deans? Need to get permanent support from deans of all schools. UCSF does not have campus support like UCB

How to proceed with budget concerns

  • Submit suggestions for possible revenue streams to senior management first, then COLASC?
  • Need to push harder when we get denied funding
  • Find advocates outside of library. Advisory group for finding students? 
  • Commission for future of library?
  • Need to update 2012-15 strategic development plan?
  • Academic library ROI studies already done?
  • LibQUAL results- advertising infographics
  • how to channel resource requests back to schools
  • contests for library lovers
  • improve library website: embrace Drupal, incorporate Facebook and Twitter comments, Chatter

Action item:

  • Polina and Whit will work on recommendation document, everyone send comments, draft for next meeting


January 30 Meeting

All present

Possible topics for annual LAUC assembly:

  • New librarians to the UC system- visions panel
  • LAUC's role in library reorgs
  • Best practices for promoting library to faculty

UCB libraries report:

  • can it be applied to UCSF?
  • brainstorm about people to approach and how
  • idea: ask for a percentage of grant funding to go to library
  • look over report for next meeting so we can brainstorm
  • ROI approach
  • AASHL stats- compare with peer institutions
  • fundraising and endowment

Meeting with Karen on 2/24 to discuss new pay scale

2013 Minutes

November 20 Meeting

 Present- Polina, Anneliese, Whit, Sarah, Peggy

UCSB is recording workshops

UCI also offering workshop

Whit sat in on LAUC executive call for Polina:

  • Annual LAUC meeting 4/23 at Davis
  • LAUC redesigning website 
  • New section- Meet Our Members, asking for committee members

Professional development- 

  • Office of President approved changes
  • $3,000 cap on grants- temporary?
  • can now grant funds same year as approved
  • can now approve without OP approval
  • changes to begin next fiscal year

Discussion of having a speaker come in-

  • possibily Jon Voss from Historypin
  • cost- set up, refreshements, honorarium

Ask Erin to put up group picture on webpage

LAUC lunch in January


October 7 Meeting

Present- Polina, Michele, Anneliese, Peggy, Whit, David, Sarah

Due to Judy leaving, Whit will be chair elect and Sarah will be secretary

Peggy will be chair of CAPA

Sarah will update current LAUC list on website and will move past positions to LAUC wiki page

Change to meeting schedule-

  • meet every other month
  • send out important announcements
  • meet if something comes up
  • Mondays at 10 am
  • will meet next month and then every other month
  • will include updates during meetings

Peggy will check with Jim about professional development funds

2012 Minutes

November 26 Meeting

Present: Anneliese (chair), Michele, David, Peggy, Judy (videoconferencing), Polina (notes)
1. David Owen, chair of LAUC-SF R & PD committee presented the proposal on how to use the 2012-2013 R & PD funding and the group discussed total fund and individual allocation for each member.
2. David also reminded about the call for research proposals for the University-wide research grants for librarians program for 2012/2013, the proposals should be submitted by January 11th, 2013: http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/committees/rpd/rescall12-13.pdf. Judy informed the group that she is working on a project and would appreciate group’s feedback.
3. This year UCSF librarians will not be using the Advance packet for merits/promotions for adding materials.
4. Anneliese reported about the November meeting of the Committee on library and scholarly communication where licensing and budgeting issues were raised.
5. Executive Board Meeting report
• Judy sat on that conference call for Anneliese
• Other campuses were impressed with UCSF Open Access policy
• There was a presentation about DataShare, a collaboration between CTSI, the UCSF Library, the UC Curation Center and the California Digital Library that focuses on achieving widespread sharing of scientific data: http://ctsi.ucsf.edu/topics/datashare-project
• LAUC assembly will be in Los Angeles, tentatively on May 2-3 or May 9-10.  LAUC–SF may ask the Board to schedule the assembly the second week of May so UCSF librarians can attend the MLA annual meeting in Boston (May 3-8).
• Group came up with the list of suggestions for topics to be discussed at the next Assembly.
• There was a call for nominations for LAUC committees, deadline is February 25th. See http://www.ucop.edu/lauc/elections/ for more details on deadlines as well as examples of previous candidates' biographies.

September 25 Meeting
Present: Peggy (chair), Judy (phone), Michele, Min-Lin, Anneliese, Polina (notes)
  • Discussed professional development funds for 2013, asked our R&PD chair David to report at the next meeting.
  • Anneliese discussed minutes from the most recent LAUC Executive Board Conference Call.
    The Board met with the Council of University Librarians to discuss system-wide library planning, they also raised the issue of declining LAUC membership.
August 29 Meeting
Present: Peggy (chair), Judy (phone), Michele, Min-Lin, Anneliese (notes)
Peggy announced the new LAUC representatives to systemwide groups. These representatives will be posted on the LAUC statewide site shortly.
Anneliese attended the LAUC transition meeting on August 6 at UCLA. This year's spring assembly will be at UCLA. Anneliese will update the LAUC-SF Members page. As of September 1, positions change.
We will try to get videoconferencing set up by the September meeting, so that Judy is more connected to the group. Movi, ReadyTalk, and Skype are possibilities.
June 20 Meeting
Present: Peggy (chair), Min-Lin, David, Anneliese (notes)
Statewide election results: Nick Robinson is President Elect; and Kymberly Goodson is the new Secretary.

New Working Group – LAUC Outstanding Service Award. Charge for the group:
  • Determine the various options and processes for establishing and administering a LAUC Outstanding Service Award
  • Address oversight, funding, and nomination aspects for the award
Mitchell Brown sent a letter to Dan Greenstein (leaving UC) to thank him for his service to the UC libraries.
LAUC Assembly meeting minutes will be on the LAUC site shortly.
There is a LAUC account on Survey Monkey – open to all LAUC members.
R&PD – final letters to applicants going out.
Peggy/Kirk investigating possibility of video conferencing with UCSF Fresno.
May 30 Meeting
Present: Peggy (chair), Michele (notes)
LAUC Assembly report
Morning and afternoon presentations from 2012 LAUC Assembly. NGTS was a highlight and is worth watching.Peggy was the only attendee from UCSF. She has detailed notes from the Assembly.
The afternoon also included break-out discussion sessions. It was possible to participate remotely, and what follows is a summary of the main points discussed at the LAUC-LA remote group: http://laucassembly.blogspot.com/2012/05/notes-from-lauc-la-remote-breakout.html
Executive Board Meeting report 
Mostly a debrief with the conclusion that although there were some small timing and tech glitches, all went well.
There was some discussion about how if the workflow changes (e.g. multi-campus cataloging done by a single area expert) then so too must the review process to recognize that work.
Mitchell is looking into space on a wiki or Dspace for sharing LAUC documents.
April 18 Meeting
Present: Peggy (chair), Michele, Judy, Polina, Min-Lin, Anneliese (notes), David
$500 has been set aside for posters
$200 was spent on the MLA Mobile webcast. LAUC-SF will ask the Library to ask in advance when it wants LAUC to pay for an event.
LAUC state-wide elections are upcoming. The Assembly is May 5.
LAUC has been asked to participate in a SOPAG Task Force on collection implications for UC online instruction.
R&PD - most funds applied for are being awarded.
There is a professional/leadership event at UCB on June 4 for librarians.
March 28 Meeting
Present: Peggy (chair, notes), Michele, Judy, Polina
Polina Ilieva (UCSF Archivist) was introduced as our newest LAUC member.

Peggy went over minutes from the most recent (March 1, 2012) LAUC Executive Board Conference Call.

The LAUC Assembly will be at the UC Santa Cruz Extension Center in Santa Clara on Thursday, May 10.
January 25 Meeting
Present: Peggy (chair), Min-Lin, Michele, Anneliese (notes), David
Peggy reported on the statewide Executive Board conference calls.
  1. Review packets cannot include participation in union activities as service to the university or the profession.
  2. At the Fiat Flux meeting at UCB in October,Law Dean Christopher Edley spoke about UC's online university.  Michael Yonezawa (LAUC president) wrote a letter to Edley about involving LAUC in the planning for the online university, to ensure that UC considers bibliographic instruction. 
  3. The LAUC statewide general meeting will be held congruously with the assembly on May 10 in Santa Clara (UCSC Extension).  Topics to be covered include LAUC and the future of librarianship, Next Generation Technical Services (NGTS), Committee on Professional Governance and SLASIAC activities, and the UCOP budget report.  The meeting will be telecast - more info to follow.
  4. Committee on Professional Governance (CPG) is collecting results of campus NGTS talks.  UCSF discussed NGTS at the Liaisons meeting.
  5. The Committee on Diversity has a report due by the end of the year based on a survey.
  6. Research & Professional Development - the presentation award applications were popular this year.  January 13 was the deadline.
  7. Yonezawa and Phoebe Ayers proposed creating a memorial website to honor UC librarians who have passed away.
  8. An award was proposed to honor extraordinary service to LAUC.  Yonezawa sent a request to UCOP.

2011 Minutes

September 21, 2011

Attending: Peggy Tahir (Chair), Michele Mizejewski, Josephine Tan, David Owen, Anneliese Taylor (notes)

  • Amy Andres is no longer working at UCSF Fresno Library. Her position will not be filled.
  • Peggy reported on the LAUC Executive Board conference call from September 1. The minutes will ultimately be placed here.
  • LAUC statewide elections will be completed June 1, 2012.  Voting might be done by electronic ballot; President Brown is investigating.
  • The Spring Assembly date & exact location has not yet been set - it will be at or near UCSC.
  • LAUC-Berkeley's "fiat flux" 2011 annual conference will be held on October 21 

Action Item: David will find out from Nanette about LAUC-SF R&PD funding

August 16, 2011

Attending:  Peggy Tahir (Chairing for Michele), Josephine Tan, Min-Lin Fang, Anneliese Taylor (notes),
Absent: Michele Mizejewski, Amy Andres, Judy Kammerer, David Owen

  • Peggy attended the LAUC Transition Meeting at UC Irvine last week. Peggy is our new chair as of September 1. Anneliese is vice-chair. If a new secretary cannot be identified, Anneliese will continue to take minutes.
  • Mitchell Brown (UCI) is the incoming LAUC president. His focus areas are: Moving librarians forward - Next Gen LAUC; How do we do better with less staffing
  • The Spring Assembly will take place at UCSC in May
  • The Committee on Professional Governance wrote a report on the Librarian of the Future. They want to link it to Position Paper 5.
  • There's a short survey put out by the Committe on Diversity to be filled out by LAUC members.
  • Quincy McCracy has been hired on as a temporary librarian in the Education Unit. Michele will add him to the LAUC-SF email list and scheduled meetings so that he can participate in LAUC.
  • Min-Lin reported that travel expense reports for those going to ALA (Anneliese, Michele, Peggy) have to be submitted by June 30 at the latest. There will be a new expense reporting system as of July 1. Michael has tutorials on how to use it. Members are encouraged to expend remaining funds on professional development before the end of the fiscal year (CE courses, etc).
  • The LAUC Assembly blog site now includes a YouTube video of the presentations at the 2011 Assembly.
  • The Executive Board will vote on "LAUC Resolution on University of California Budget Cuts", which expresses LAUC's concerns about the budget cuts and the need to protect the libraries and their vital role in supporting the research and teaching missions of the University. Results will be in by July.
  • The state-wide elections for Vice-President/President Elect and Secretary are upon us. There are two candidates for each position. The bios were sent as email attachments. Turn in your votes to Anneliese by Friday, June 10 at noon.
  • Michele and Peggy reported on the LAUC Assembly 2011. The two primary sessions were Bruce Miller presenting on the movement of Next Generation Technical Service, and SLASIAC's Library Planning Task Force recommendations.  See the Assembly blog to see videorecordings of the presentations, and for additional information.
  • Anneliese reported that all CAPA committees have met and submitted recommendation letters with the librarian packets to Administration. Anneliese encouraged all members to request to see the CAPA letter if it's not included when they get their packet returned.
  • LAUC professional development funding - the group discussed using remaining unspent funds for those needing additional professional development funds this fiscal year.  Everyone was asked to report to Min-Lin how much of their allocated LAUC funds they've used to date, and how much funding they anticipate needing for upcoming professional activities.   

Updates from LAUC Executive Board conference call:

  • LAUC Assembly 2011 agenda now available.
  • LAUC LTAG rep Char Booth (UCB) is leaving to go to the Claremont Colleges. Dan Suchy (UCSD) will likely finish out her term.
  • Since Lisa is leaving to go to Cornell, Anneliese will take over duties as Secretary beginning with our next meeting in April.  

CAPA updates:

  • Anneliese will look into the possibility of scanning packets to speed the process rather then sharing one copy.
  • The LAUC Spring Assembly will be held March 10-11 at UC Santa Barbara. LAUC chairs are considering coordinating transportation among divisions (for example, a bus from the Bay Area to transport delegations from northern campuses).
  • SLASIAC has convened a Systemwide Library Planning Task Force. Documents and meeting materials are available at http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/planning/taskforce/.
  • Next Generation Technical Services (NGTS) – The ULs have reviewed the reports from the 3 task groups, and prioritized their recommendations. The UL’s recommendations, and the group reports, are available at http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/about/uls/ngts/docs/ngts_phase2.html.
  • CAPA update (Anneliese) – Bette Anton from UC Berkeley will be joining CAPA as the external reviewer for 2011 Librarian reviews.

June 8, 2011

Attending: Michele Mizejewski (Chair), Josephine Tan, David Owen, Min-Lin Fang, Anneliese Taylor (notes),
Absent: Amy Andres, Judy Kammerer, Peggy Tahir

April 13, 2011

Attending: Michele Mizejewski, Judy Kammerer, Amy Andres, Josephine Tan, Anneliese Taylor, David Owen, Peggy Tahir, Min-Lin Fang

February 9, 2011

Attending: Michele Mizejewski, Josephine Tan, Anneliese Taylor, David Owen
Absent: Peggy Tahir, Judy Kammerer, Amy Andres, Min-Lin Fang, Lisa Mix

January 12, 2011

Attending: Michele Mizejewski, Min-Lin Fang, Josephine Tan, Anneliese Taylor, David Owen
Absent: Peggy Tahir, Amy, Judy Kammerer, Amy Andres